Commercial, Industrial and Office Building Sales

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Big or small… we’ve helped to transfer them all!

From minor transactions to massive acquisitions we’ve handled the lot… and everything in between.


Central Queensland Conveyancing Centre has vast experience in all matters of commercial conveyancing in Queensland.

Selling a commercial property involves hidden complexities. Laws regarding asbestos, zoning and certificates of classification can all form part of the sale process and can leave some property owners with significant costs to complete the transaction. Obtaining timely legal advice often resolves some of these matters before they become problematic.

Our skills and experience include:

  • Commercial land and building conveyances
  • Industrial land conveyances and settlements
  • Complex special conditions for commercial conveyances
  • Put and call option agreements
  • Leases and commercial tenancy agreements
  • Sales/acquisitions by way of company shares
  • Bespoke commercial agreements


Central Queensland Conveyancing Centre has acted for both vendors and purchasers in the sale and purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars’ in commercial and industrial land, major office and industrial buildings, and other commercial conveyancing matters.

CQCC’s extensive experience in commercial property sales and purchases has allowed us to modernise contract documentation, and ensure an easy-to-follow and smooth transaction process from initial due diligence steps all the way through to contract completion.

We understand that property transactions are not just about negotiating a contract. They also include taking a commercial approach to secure a sale, and being flexible to achieve a positive outcome and settlement.

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