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As the saying goes, two things in life are certain… death and taxes! Unfortunately, many people are unprepared and end up leaving behind a mess for their loved ones to deal with due to their failure to plan ahead. This is not the legacy you should be leaving behind.

Death is inevitable, so take control of your estate planning and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family and future generations will be taken care of when you pass away. Our clients often comment that had they realised just how easy it would be to make a Will and get their affairs in order, they would have done it years ago!


Don’t wait until it’s too late to make a will. We offer a comprehensive estate planning process which takes into account your personal and business affairs. Depending on your needs, we can assist with the preparation of a simple will or a tailor-made complex will or testamentary trust for a fixed fee.

Our lawyers have years of experience in deceased estate administration and have assisted countless families after the passing of a loved one. You can count on us to prepare your Power of Attorney, wills, testamentary trusts or manage the distribution of estate assets. We also successfully resolve estate and will disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Do you know what your loved ones would be facing if you passed away without an adequate Will in place?
Not having a Will in place, or leaving one that has become invalid (for example through marriage or divorce), can cause much stress and cost for loved ones at a time when they are already dealing with loss.

Did you know?

  • If someone passes away without a valid Will in place, the law specifies who is entitled to receive their property.
  • Where someone has children, a spouse is not automatically entitled to receive all estate assets upon death without a Will. There are often situations where surviving spouses have to take out loans, sell or restructure assets in order to pay out what their late spouse’s children are entitled to. This can be a financial disaster for many people.
  • Separation from a partner alone does not invalidate a Will.
  • Some assets such as superannuation, some jointly held assets and assets held in trusts are not covered by a Will and further steps may be required in relation to these assets.
  • A Will can appoint testamentary guardians for your infant children and set up their inheritance in trust for the future.

See our Estate Planning [link wording to estate planning page] section for more information.


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