Driving Law Count Down #8- Drink driving

Driving Law Count Down #8-  Drink driving
11 October 2020

Driving Law Count Down #8- Drink driving

CQCC together with Barron & Allen Lawyers Mackay is passionate about cars and want to keep our car enthusiasts up to date on the law. Here is #8 of our Top 10 driving law count down.

#8 Drink Driving

It’s the silly season and most people will indulge in a drink or two for the end of year celebrations. The following drink driving charges will result in your driver licence being immediately suspended:
  • Failing to provide police with a specimen of breath;
  • High range drink driving – (0.15 or higher)
  • Middle range drink driving - (0.10 or higher); and
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol.
The licence suspension will start from the time you are charged and will continue until the charge is decided by the court. From when you are charged, it normally takes a few weeks for the first court date. The penalty increases with a driver’s BAC and normally involves both a fine (between about $600 to $1200) and licence disqualification (typically between 3 and 9 months). After Drink Driving charges are held, you will need to apply to Queensland Transport for your driver licence to be reissued after the disqualification period ends. You will be issued with a probationary licence, which you must hold for at least 1 year. Please share, and keep an eye out for Tip No. #7.